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Where high quality service is the standard and serving our community is the mission.

Our 10% Promise.

10% of the proceeds from every order goes directly to local organizations that serve families and children in foster care. These organizations return a sense of belonging and purpose to foster children, as well as provide foster families with the necessities to give the best care possible.

Small business - Big experience.

With over a decade in the promotional products industry, we don't just deliver high-quality apparel and branded merchandise. We deliver expert knowledge and guidance.

Some of our industry brands we offer.

We exist for the betterment of our community.

We are all a product of our community. Therefore, we strive to improve and build upon it to better serve the next generation. Humble Imprints is proud to donate 10% of our profits to local charities that serve families and children in foster care.

Our purpose is to foster pride within an organization.

Part of achieving organizational pride and high morale is looking your best. We help reach this goal by providing printed and embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, hats, polos, outerwear and more. Get your message across with your branded apparel and merch.

We actively partake in making our community better.

We believe integrity, honesty, generosity, respect and dependability go a very long way. We strive to reflect this not just in business, but in everyday life. Ultimately, it is what will make our community and world a better place to live in.

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24 Cotton T-shirts
24 Cotton L/S T-shirts
12 Fleece Hoodies

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Get your team outfitted for success.

48 Cotton T-shirts
12 Fleece Hoodies
18 Embroidered Polos
2 Banners '3x6'
12 Yard Signs

Based on
Get your team outfitted for success.

72 Tri-blend T-shirts
24 Heavyweight Hoodies
24 Embroidered Athletic Polos
12 Embroidered Hats
12 Embroidered Beanies
1 Banner '4x8'
12 Yard signs

Based on

Frequently Asked Questions

Design process
What if I don't have the design files for my project?

Not to worry! We can recreate your art or get something going from scratch.

Materials on hand
How do I know what material to get?

Navigating the world of textiles and apparel can get overwhelming. We're happy to send you links to our best sellers. We can also send over a blank sample if needed.

simple Pricing
I'm still kind of lost on how much this is going to cost... can you help me?

Custom merch pricing is very specific and depends on several different factors. To better give you exact pricing, we'll need to know how many ink colors you are looking to get (if screen printing), print locations, apparel type and style, and quantities.
If you need any help figuring this our, give us a call or email us through the Contact Us page.

“We're not just here to print t-shirts. We're here to support your organization and improve our community.”

Jay and Debbie Valentin

Your Eastern Pennsylvania printing experts.

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Put our expertise to work for you and let's crush your next apparel or promotional project!